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A Steiff cinnamon centre seam teddy bear, with thick curly mohair, black boot button eyes, pronounced clipped snout, black stitched nose, mouth and claws, swivel head, elongated jointed shaped limbs, shaped paws, large 'spoon' shaped feet and hump --18in. (46cm.) tall, circa 1904 (recovered cream felt pads)
Sold with 'Teddy Girl' are the following:
Miniature home-made photograph album 'Theodora meets Bear'
Two black and white photographs of Col. T.R. Henderson, his brother and 'Teddy Girl' aged six years
Black and white photograph of Col. T.R. Henderson with his Mother and 'Teddy Girl' aged twelve years
Black and white photograph of 'Teddy Girl' aged 'sweet-sixteen', with three little friends
Black and white photograph of Col. T.R. Henderson and 'Teddy Girl' in familiar pose
Black and white photograph of Col. T.R. Henderson writing at his desk, overlooked by 'Teddy Girl'
Two black and white photogarphs of Col. T.R. Henderson, Rupert and 'Teddy Girl'
An article on Col. T.R.Henderson from 'Woman' 1967
Three black and white photographs of Col. T.R. Henderson with part of his collection
Large black and white photograph of 'Teddy Girl'

See Front and Back Cover and Colour Plate 1
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'Peter Bull's Book of Teddy Bears', Cassell, page 33

'The Ultimate Teddy Bear Book', Pauline Cockrill, Dorling Kindersley, page 123

'Bear Land', Deborah Stratton, Michael O'Mara Book Limited, page 21

'In Praise of Teddy Bears', Philippa & Peter Waring, Pictorial Presentations, page 80 & 81, page 118 & 119

'A Collectors History of the Teddy Bear', Patricia N. Schoonmaker, Hobby House Press Inc., see Foreword - Collecting Bears

'Teddy Bears', Philippa & Peter Waring, Treasure Press, page 13

Lot Essay

It is intriguing that an army officer who saw service under General Montgomery should be so fascinated by the teddy bear phenomenon and so eager to explain it. Col. T.R. Henderson wrote '...the bear has commanded a special place in folklore, myth, fairy-tale and, in the form of the teddy bear, it is grasped in physical compensation and clung to for security...'
It is not suprising, therefore, that Col. Henderson's life-long loyal companion is the enchanting and magical 'Teddy Girl'.
From a very young age 'Teddy Girl' and Col. Henderson became inseparable, travelling everywhere together.
'Teddy Girl', not only inspired Col. Henderson to devote a large part of his life to teddy bears and Good Bears of the World, but inspired so many other devoted teddy bear lovers to collect and even design and create their own bears.
One only needs to take a look to see why!

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