The Beatles
Costume patterns for the luminous military-style suits made for the Beatles and worn on the 1967 album cover Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band; the patterns cut from brown paper comprise of two sets, one with measurments for John, Paul and George, the back pattern annotated with measurments 19½ seems J.L, G.H 9½ - 20 seem, P.MC 5" and a separate pattern for Ringo; accompanied by a letter concerning the provenance and a corresponding copy of the album (19)

Lot Essay

The vendor of this lot was the Chief Man's Pattern Cutter at costumier's Berman's, which later became known as Berman's and Nathans. In the accompanying letter he states I measured the Beatles for the uniforms and also fitted them. He recalls that there were two patterns one used for three band menbers, John, Paul and George and a seprate pattern for Ringo. The suits were then altered and fitted to each individual Beatle while the suit was put together.
Robert Fraser was the art director for the album cover and worked very closely with the band, especially Paul McCartney. There has been discussion as to who designed the suits. Unfortunately the vendor of these patterns cannot recall however he says in his letter I was given some ideas, discussed them with the Beatles and used my judgement to interpret the design to make the costumes.

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