The German Bible in America
Michael Zinman, 1993
ZINMAN, Michael (b.1937). The German Bible in America. New Haven: William Reese Company. Bryn Mawr: George S. MacManus Co. New York: Michael Zinman, 2012.

One of 10 deluxe copies of this limited edition, containing 31 original leaves instead of the usual 25. "The German Bible in America has a long and significant history, reflective of the European culture which gave it birth, the local conditions of Pennsylvania, where it rose to its greatest heights, and the rich German-American culture created by emigrants and their descendants in the 19th-century United States. From the first American edition of a Bible in German, in 1743, through the late 19th century, numerous printers and publishers issued Bibles in various formats, ranging from large folios intended for lectern use to smaller versions for personal study. This leaf book celebrates the range and richness of these productions, indicative of the world of German culture in America in the 18th and 19th centuries, as expressed through its most widely studied text" (introduction by Don Yoder).

This present set is letter "G" of 10 deluxe copies from a total edition of 60. The other 50 copies contain 25 leaves each.

Two text booklets, quarto (303 x 210mm). One in German and the other in English. 31 original leaves tipped into individual folders (380 x 255mm); the main series lettered in gilt and the deluxe series lettered in silver. Original red silk solander box.

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