Three Victorian Artillery Manuals

Three cloth-bound manuals with leather spines, each 9½ in. x 24 in. (24cm x 62cm); one (SECTION 2 PART I) entitled DIAGRAMS TO ILLUSTRATE THE SERVICE AND MANAGEMENT OF HEAVY ORDNANCE REFERRED TO IN A TREATISE ON ARTILLERY PREPARED FOR THE USE OF THE ROYAL MILITARY ACADEMY By CAPTAIN E.M. BOXER, ROYAL ARTILLERY, containing 35 plates by various draughtsmen, illustrating techniques for mounting heavy guns and mortars on carriages, platforms and towers, into boats, through embrasures by the use of black and tackle, improvising cranes and derricks etc (one drawing shows how To Turn a Gun Topsy-Turvy); a companion book (SECTION 2 PART II), entitled DIAGRAMS OF GUNS REFERRED TO IN TREATISE ON ARTILLERY PREPARED FOR THE USE OF THE RMA, containing 43 plates, drawn by Corpl Forrest RA, illustrating some 30 types of guns and howitzers and 9 types of mortars, each drawing sectioned and accompanied by a table of dimensions and weights, both books inscribed LONDON, PRINTED BY GEORGE E. EYRE & WILLIAM SPOTTISWOODE, PRINTERS TO THE QUEEN'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY FOR HER MAJESTY'S STATIONERY OFFICE 1853; the third volume of later date, the cover inscribed BY AUTHORITY DESCRIPTIVE PLATES TO AMMUNITION (BY CAPTAIN VIVIAN DERING MAJENDIE RA) ILLUSTRATING THE DIFFERENT PROJECTILES, CHARGES, FUZES, ROCKETS &c AT PRESENT IN USE FOR LAND & SEA SERVICE, OTHER WAR STORES MANUFACTURED IN THE ROYAL LABORATORY, WOOLWICH BY COLONEL E.M. BOXER, SUPERINTENDANT RL, and W. MITCHELL & CO, MILITARY PUBLISHERS, 39 CHARING CROSS, LONDON SW, containing 26 plates, many in colour, each inscribed R.J. Terry del et lith, and signed E.M. BOXER Supt Rl and variously dated between 1863 and 1868, illustrating many natures of explosive ordnance including Boxer Fuses for mortar shells, the Boxer Shrapnel Shell, cartridges for breech-loading guns, breech-loading projectiles, signal-flares and rocket carcasses, tubes, etc., all drawings giving precise dimensions (spines of all volumes refixed)

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