Tommy Cooper
A burgundy wool fez, with a black silk tassel, signed inside in blue ballpoint pen by Tommy Cooper; accompanied by a black and white photograph of Cooper wearing a similar Fez taken in his living room at his home in Chiswick, and a letter concerning the provenance (3)

Lot Essay

Tommy Cooper's trademark Fez, which has become an icon of British comedy, was worn by the comedian from the begining of his career. It is believed that he first adopted wearing a Fez after his service as a Horse Guard in the Middle East during World War II. While in Cairo he was due to perform in front of an audience of soliders at a local bar, only to realise he had forgotten to wear a hat. In his desparation he grabbed the nearest hat to him, a Fez from a passing waiter's head.
The Fez offered in this lot is accompanied by a letter from Cooper's daughter, The Fez, Say no more -- Jus' like that! My father got great pleasure in wearing his Fez and this is one of the originals... Cooper wore a variety of different sized Fezes throughout his time on stage, this is believed to be the last from the Cooper Estate.

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