Two German Cigarette-Card Albums &c
A good album entitled Waldorf-Astoria UNIFORMEN DER ALTEN ARMEE, containing 312 cigarette-cards depicting officers and soldiers of the Imperial German Army (one page of 12 cards per Army Corps, plus pages for Standard-bearers, Generals and Staff officers, and the Gardekorps), complete with 18-page introduction giving the Order of Battle of each Army Corps; another album entitled Der Welt Krieg, containing some 270 cards illustrating activities and events of the First World War, year by year, including maps and introductory pages for each year; and a commercially-produced card for family mourning, 20in. x 16in., removed from a frame, entitled Wir sollen auch unser Leben fr die Brderlassen, depicting an angel laying an oakleaf spray on the body of a German soldier, with dedication below to Reservist Quirinius Engels, 6 Kompagnie, Garde-Fsilier Regiments, killed in January 1915
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