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VARIOUS ARTISTS (17TH - 19TH CENTURY) Orchid Pavilion and Landscape Scrolls Handscroll, ink/ink and colour on paper Various sizes Scroll 1, signed by the artist: Qu Jiang Wang Tan Scroll 2, inscribed and signed by the artist: Jiang Heng Scroll 3, inscribed and signed by the artist: Qing Shan Nong Huang Baoyue Scroll 4, inscribed and signed by the artist: Yan Jue, Scroll 5, inscribed and signed by the artist: Wang Qisun Fourteen seals of the artists: Huang Bao Yue Yin, Ai Nong, Zhen Liu Fu Yin, Shen Lang, Qian, Lao Liang, Tie Fu, Zhen Zhou Shan Chang, Ti Fu Jie Guan, Feng, Zhao, Zhang Liu, Zi Ding Front page by Huang Baoyue, with seal Colophon by Shi Feng Zhao, Zhang Liu, Ni Daosun, Zhu Ren, Yi Shu Shan Ren, Liu Dashen, Ou Zhengsheng and others. Eight collectors' seals including three of Lin Xiongguang (1900-1974): Lang An, Lang An Mi Wan (twice); and five others: Dao Sun, Xi Fu, Dian Zhai, Zhan Hua Ge Jian Cang Yin, Meng Jian (2)
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Please note that it should be a set of two handscrolls instead of handscroll as stated in the catalogue.

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