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Yoko Ono and John Lennon
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Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Yoko Ono and John Lennon
Six and a half pages of handwritten notes in black felt pen, the majority thought to be in Yoko Ono's hand using two different styles of writing, one conjoined script, the other her more recognisable 'italic' printed style, with numerous deletions and alterations and four interspersed lines in John Lennon's hand, the notes, or random abstract ramblings begin:
- We call it tripping off We get tripped off on almost anything In fact we spend our life tripping off The nice part is that we trip off together...
- Some sections recording some of John and Yoko's idiosyncrasies, the following in Yoko's longhand :
...Half our staff is spending their time looking for your bits and papers, did you know that? says John. Not true. But John is just as bad. When we are together enough to actually write. We scribble... our thoughts down on the back of... a tax notice or whatever is around and later we go on endlessly fussing...where things are..mumbling " Did you see my...?" to each other or "I know I put it...." etc followed by five words in Lennon's hand: Peace Let's find them'nsay peace...
- Yoko continuing on the fourth page in both her longhand and printed script style: ...And we live in a strange cocktail of love, sex..and forgetfullness...(Peace to you) Yes, and watching TV...TV is our window, John says We like staying in our room all day long and Just watch out through the 16mm screen...
- It is known that Yoko compared her relationship with John with that of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and Robert Browning, she referred to this analogy on the fourth page: ...When I discovered that Elizabeth Browning was a druggy. I decided that We were probably Brownings reincarnated. Needless to say that we are a couple of narcissisists in its superlatives...
- Yoko Ono continues on a philisophical note about human reproduction and Lennon interjected with two lines on this theme;
- Ono finishes these notes by relaying her thoughts on the differences between mens' and women's outlook on life, signing off:
..But now Comes the Age of Woman says Miss Ono ending the dialogue with strong uplifting note (no chance) says her husband Mr. Lennon.. 6½pp. on four sheets of paper; accompanied by a copy of Doped Crow magazine, issue No.2, inscribed on the front cover with three words and a number in Lennon's hand in red ballpoint pen, and annotated on the back cover in Yoko Ono's hand in black felt pen: Paul and Linda...are welcome anytime to visit us in Ascot from Yoko... and annotated by her with various deletions and doodles including one of a naked female figure, additionally inscribed in Lennon's hand in pencil ..why don't you ratify this film - you let Let It Be & Magical Mystery... (5)
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