ZHU YUNMING (1460-1526)
ZHU YUNMING (1460-1526)

Seven-character Poem in Cursive Script

ZHU YUNMING (1460-1526)
Seven-character Poem in Cursive Script
Hanging scroll
ink on paper
136.5 x 32.4 cm. (53 5/8 x 12 3/4 in.)
Signed, with one seal of the artist
One collector's seal of Wu Hufan (1894-1968)
Titleslip by Wu Hufan
How does one feel if he has an extra finger? For the Ming calligrapher Zhu Yunming, he could think of having another name, Zhu Zhishan, meaning an extra branch. The bold brushstrokes and strong ink in this work demonstrate Zhu's extraordinary technique in writing running-cursive script. The poem reads,
The hermit Hou is as handsome as described by the people,
Who think he is the deity Ziyang;
Goddesses will tailor Spring clothing for him when he comes,
For which they puncture some clouds around Mount Xiang.
The work was formerly in the collection of the renowned artist-cum-collector Wu Hufan (1894-1968) and is recorded in Wu Hufan's Essays, published in 2004.
Wu Hufan ed. Notes on Wu's Collection of Paintings and Calligraphy, juan 3,Wu Hufan's Essays, China Academy of Art Press, 2004, p.402


Ben Kong
Ben Kong