PMM 406)." /> [GEOLOGY AND MINEROLOGY]. -- BRAGG, William Henry (1862-1942) and William Lawrence (born 1890). <I>X-Rays and Crystal Structure</I>. London: G. Bell and Sons, Ltd. 8<V>o. Four plates, diagrams in the text. Original blue cloth, gilt (rubbed). FIRST EDITION in which the father and son team showed by taking experimental x-rays of rock salt and diamonds the arrangement of atoms in these substances and so demonstrated "the fundamentally differenct qualities of two forms of carbon, graphite and diamond, are seen to be due to differences in the arrangements of the atoms and in the distances between them. This makes it possible in the commercial laboratory to build new substances and materials based on an arrangement of atoms that will ensure certain desired qualities." (<I>PMM</I> 406). | Christie's