The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, Volume II and Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps in two volumes (covers damaged) by Campbell Patterson " /> 1920-96 mint collection all neatly mounted on leaves, virtually complete and with an array of additional items including 1925 Dunedin Exhibition 4d. "POSTAGF" variety (2, one in pair with normal), 1940 Centenary and 1946 Peace selections of imprint/plate blocks, 1961 Christmas 2½d. with black colour shift, 1963 Christmas 2½d. horizontal and vertical imperforate pairs, 1970 Chatham Islands 3c. enlarged pencil sketch, and many others; a range of used includes some envelopes (mostly first day types) in four cover albums. Also <I>The Postage Stamps of New Zealand</I>, Volume II and <I>Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps</I> in two volumes (covers damaged) by Campbell Patterson | Christie's