See Plate 7 (10) " /> A collection of bottle roundlets, mostly nickel plated, various labels: Cornhill's Rye Jorr's type, marked "Williamson"; McCarthy's Oyster and Chop House, Jorr's type, marked "Williamson"; Compliments of jacob Riebel Cafe, Jorr's type, marked "Williamson"; Monohan's XXXXX Whiskey, marked "Williamson"; Eastern Liqueur Co, Jorr's type, marked "Williamson"; "Our Very Best, Pat. Apld For"; "Hoffmann House, the Hamburger Co, Pure Rye Pat. Apld For"; Crooked But He's Got a Pull Pat. APl'd For"; and a silver plated example engraved with a monogram "W.M.Co 07 The Reliable Grand Union Wholesale Licqueur House", Jorr's type Williamson; and one other unmarked. <I>See Plate 7</I> (10) | Christie's