first half of the 19th century (5)" /> A fine silk shawl, the ground of black silk woven in coloured silks with off-set rows of floral bouquets of star-shaped white and red flowers and curving leafy fronds--<I>60 x 58in. (152 x 148cm.), first quarter of the 19th century</I>; a turnover shawl of ochre wool and silk, the border of yellow wool woven with a flowering vine and blue floral cones--<I>60in. (152cm.) square</I>; a turnover shawl of blue wool with brightly coloured "Paisley" border; another similar; and another turnover shawl of ivory silk and wool with appliqué borders of blue and beige silk, <I>first half of the 19th century</I> (5) | Christie's