the S.S. Pilsudski 14½ x 50in. (37 x 127cm.) (5)" /> A GROUP OF FOUR WOOD AND PAPER SHIP MODELS, built by Ralph E. Cropley, circa 1938 - 1940, including the "City of Paris", the "St. Louis", the "Lusitania" and the "Mauretania", each with anchors, lifeboats, ventilators, flagstaffs, funnels, life lines and other details, each mounted on wooden base; together with a wood and metal folk art waterline model of the S.S. "Pilsudski" set in a modeled tin sea, details include bollards, anchor windlass, ladders, masts with crow's nest, funnels, search lights, lifeboats in davits, ventilators, railings, portholes, painted waterline and anchors--<I>the S.S. Pilsudski 14½ x 50in. (37 x 127cm.)</I> (5) | Christie's