the lithograph 11¼ x 18¼in. (28.5 x 46.3cm.), framed (28)" /> A GROUP OF FRENCH LINE EPHEMERA AND AN S.S. "NORMANDIE" LITHOGRAPH IN COLORS, including a pocket-sized color foldout plan of the first class cabins and state rooms of the "Normandie"; a foldout longitudinal cutaway and luncheon and dinner menus for the "France"; publicity booklets and menus for the "Ile de France", "Liberté" and "Flandre"; three gelatin silver prints of the "Normandie" by Byron & Co. and Ralph Morgan; and a lithograph in colors, depicting the "Normandie" underway--<I>the lithograph 11¼ x 18¼in. (28.5 x 46.3cm.)</I>, framed (28) | Christie's