7 1/2 in. ( 19 cm.) high " /> A RONSON "TOUCH-TIP" ENAMELED AND CHROMIUM-PLATED METAL COCKTAIL BAR TABLE LIGHTER, designed as a tortoiseshell, chrome-trimmed bar with a groom mixing cocktails in a shaker, impressed 'RONSON TOUCH-TIP U.S. 1986.754' and 'RONSON TOUCH-TIP/U.S. PATS.1,986,754/DESIGN PAT.97.247 BRITISH PAT.APPL'D.FOR/CANADA PAT.349,148 ART METAL WORKS, INC. NEWARK, N.J. U.S.A.'--<I>7 1/2 in. ( 19 cm.) high</I> | Christie's