20.5 x 23.25in. (51 x 58cm.), framed and glazed " /> A spot motif sampler by Ann Bocking taught by Catherine Browne 1791 embroidered in coloured silks, the upper half with alphabets, numerals and a prayer, the lower half with motifs including angels, dogs, flower filled vases and stags, the border with drawn threadwork--<I>17 x 21in. (43 x 53cm.), framed and glazed</I>; and a sampler by Martha Hewitt <I>1811</I> embroidered predominantly in shades of pink, green and ivory, with a central Adam and Eve motif, the verse "On Death and Judgement" above, surrounded by mainly floral and bird spot motifs in cross stitch, within a border of stylised acorns--<I>20.5 x 23.25in. (51 x 58cm.), framed and glazed</I> | Christie's