"Gone away not known where". A rare and very unusual item. Photo" /> cover 1842 (24 Sept.) entire letter from Hull to Malta bearing 1841 1d. (2) with clear Maltese Cross cancellations and showing clear Hull c.d.s. in blue alongside and with circular-undated "HEDON" on reverse; the letter missent to Manchester and showing curved-framed "MISSENT TO" above Manchester c.d.s. for 25 September, both in reddish brown, eventually sent on to Malta with arrival c.d.s. for 12 October on reverse; a further double arc d.s. for 25 October tying the two 1d values, presumably after the addressee could not be found, the letter being returned to the sender with manuscript notation<I> "Gone away not known where"</I>. A rare and very unusual item. Photo | Christie's