"Per Steamer S.S. Safari"; an interesting pair" /> cover 1900 (11 Jan.), Indian ½a. postal stationery envelope bearing India ½a. blue-green tied by four ink lines and "MOMBASA/11 JA/1900" single circle datestamp, the envelope vignette and the stamp cancelled by "ZANZIBAR/12 JA/1900" arrival c.d.s.; backstamped Zanzibar upon arrival, slightly trimmed at right; also 1901 (7 Jun) printed envelope from Mombasa to "Lamoo", bearing on the reverse, India ½a. blue-green pair tied by "MOMBASA/7 JU/1901" single circle datestamp with Lamu arrival c.d.s. struck alongside; cover, with minor wrinkles and slightly trimmed at left, endorsed<I> "Per Steamer S.S. Safari"</I>; an interesting pair | Christie's