this very fine, the others very good (3)(lot) " /> Covington, Cincinnati and Covington Ferry Boat, 12 1/2-Cents, redeemable aboard said boat or at the Office of Exchange in Covington, April 20th, 1819 engraved date, Cooke, Powers & Penney. Cincinnati imprint, together with Louisville, Louisville and Portland Turnpike, 10-Cents, used "in payment of toll....and for ferriage", Feb. 26, 1821 engraved date, printed on the back of an early 3-Dollar Kentucky banknote, and Burlington, Lewis Thiddell(?), 6 1/4-Cents, payable "at my tavern", Oct. 1, 1821, O. Farnsworth & Co., Cincinnati imprint, <I>this very fine, the others very good</I> (3)(lot) | Christie's