Together approx. 30 items, size varies, condition varies. " /> [ENGLAND, JEWS, 19th-20th Century]. A collection of approx. 20 ALSs and LSs, with 10 TLSs and documents, v.p., v.d. [mostly London, 19 and 20th centuries]. Includes: Rabbi Herman Adler (2 ANSs, 6 LSs); Edmund Henry Hynman, 1st Viscount Allenby (2 ALSs); David Ben-Gurion (TLS to Colonel W.G. Elphinston, 3 September 1945); Edward Levy Lawson, 1st Baron Burnham (ALS); [Commonwealth petition to Oliver Cromwell, with numerous contemporary signatures, 3 February 1653]; Rufus Isaacs, Lord Reading (2 ALSs); Leopold de Rothschild (ALS from Ascot, with another ALS signed "Rothschid"); Lionel de Rothschild (LS), Joseph Wolff (8 AlSs); Israel Zangwill (ALS to Major James Pond, the American lecture agent, 3 ANSs mounted with portrait); and several others. <I>Together approx. 30 items, size varies, condition varies</I>. | Christie's