"F size" and the other endorsed, "B size", both mounted on "Appendix C (contd.)" sheet dated "Nov. 18th. 1895 and headed "Specimens for 2 annas Registered Envelopes"; very scarce" /> essay cover 1895 registered envelope essays, inscribed "State of N. Africa", and "Postage and Revenue" and "Registration Fee", depicting a rider on a camel, 2c. in brown (2), one endorsed,<I> "F size"</I> and the other endorsed,<I> "B size"</I>, both mounted on<I> "Appendix C (contd.)"</I> sheet dated<I> "Nov. 18th. 1895</I> and headed<I> "Specimens for 2 annas Registered Envelopes"</I>; very scarce | Christie's