Together 26 items. (26) " /> [GORDON, Charles G. (1833-1885), DEATH OF]. A portion of the Gordon Family Papers, all relating to the death of General Gordon, comprising: <I>26 letters and documents, various dates, various sizes</I>, including letters by Princess Beatrice ("I cannot tell you how much touched I am, that you should have thought [of me], in the midst of your great sorrow"); Hallam Tennyson (sending Augusta his father's epitaph on her brother and announcing the establishment of the Gordon Camp); G.G. Bradley, Dean of Westminster (notifying Augusta of the memorial service); Ralph Disraeli, deputy Clerk of Parliament, presenting her with a Vote of Thanks to those who had served in the Sudan; Lord Camperdown ("The Soudan story is a sad story, which I shall always feel is an indelible disgrace to our Liberal Government--I speak impartially, as a steady Liberal"); Laurence Oliphant, Noushi Pasha ("How happy I am & how prosperous to be always remembered by the sister of my late Gallant General Gordon Pasha"); 5 ALS from Lord Cromer to William Staveley Gordon, the Comptroller of the Queen's Household (part of a letter illustrating the casque designed to hold Gordon's Bible that Augusta had presented to the Queen) and an ALS from Augusta Gordon, an outspoken letter forbidding the publication of Gordon's manuscripts and one about an article on his desertion by the Government. <I>Together 26 items</I>. (26) | Christie's