Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, Manchester, 46, 1963, p. 112ff. " /> HEBREW MANUSCRIPT. Esther Scroll. Decorated Megillat Esther from [Northern?] Italy, 18th century. Hand-painted on vellum, 6 membranes, 222 mm. high. 16 columns, (115 x 950 mm.) of 24 lines. Very good condition, tear at beginning not affecting decoration, minor worm holes at end. Mounted on contemporary wooden roller. A delicately painted megillah that frames its elegantly-scripted text panels within a continuous baroque-rococo facade carried on alternating pairs of rose and blue-colored marbalized columns. Atop the facade's arcade rest ornate cartouches with floral swags, and footed vases with flowers. Ornamental frames are set beneath text panels. The megillah's decoration preserves the basic format of a more elaborate, 17th/18th-century type of Italian Esther scroll border, of which few examples remain. Included with the scroll is its original, separate blessing panel (229 x 172 mm.), which contains in a single column the benedictions recited before and after the megillah reading, and is decorated in the same manner as scroll. Reference: Metzger, Mendel. "A Study of Some Unknown Hand-Painted Megilloth of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries," <I>Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, Manchester</I>, 46, 1963, p. 112ff. | Christie's