305 and in pencil 302, sealed Shummei and bearing a round collection label Hokkei I RA 22, another numeral 63 in ink and Hokkei in blue pencil- good condition" /> HOKKEI AND SCHOOL: an album of ink drawings and preparatory prints for <I>surimono</I>, many signed and many preparatory drawings for known <I>surimono</I>, containing 57 ink on paper drawings, 17 preparatory ink-proofs, some with printed signature <I>Hokkei</I> and ink annotations and poems in ink intended to be printed on the final <I>surimono</I>, the cover of the album inscribed <I>Zatsugajo</I> "Volume of sketches" and marked in blue arabic numerals <I>305</I> and in pencil <I>302</I>, sealed <I>Shummei</I> and bearing a round collection label <I>Hokkei I RA 22</I>, another numeral <I>63</I> in ink and <I>Hokkei</I> in blue pencil- good condition | Christie's