all unissued, extremely fine, crisp uncirculated (lot) (5)" /> Hollidaysburg, Borough of Hollidaysburg, unissued scrip sheets (2), including 12 1/2-25-25-Cents and 2-1-1-Dollar (H. 159-17-18-19, 159-26-24-25), together with Martinsburg, Merchants Association of Martinsburg, 6 1/4-12 1/2-50-Cents (H. 222-2-3-unlisted denomination), Bellefonte, Bellefonte Arcade, 25-25-50-Cents (H. 26-10-unlisted design-12), and Farrandsville, Unknown Issuer, 6 1/4-12 1/2-12 1/2-Cents, mills and waterfall at center, 1838, payable "at the Lickrun Hotel", <I>all unissued, extremely fine, crisp uncirculated</I> (lot) (5) | Christie's