extremely fine, County Polk, 1-Dollar (IA575-1c), crisp uncirculated, and City of Rock Rapids, 50, 50-Cents (2, both IA590-.50a), very good (66)(lot) " /> Illinois, Chicago Clearing House Certificate, 1, 5, 5, 10, 20, 50-Dollars (IL115-1c, 5c, IL116-5c, 10c, 20c, 50c), two of each, <I>almost uncirculated to crisp uncircualted,</I> together with Des Plaines, Merchants Clearing House Association, 1, 1-Dollar (IL185-V1c, V2c), <I>almost uncirculated,</I> Springfield, City of Springfield, 1, 5, 10, 20-Dollars (IL300-1, 5, 10, 20), <I>fine to very fine, </I>Springfield Credit Clearing Committe, 1-Dollar (9, all IL320-1b), 5-Dollars (7, all IL320-5b), 10-Dollars (4, all IL320-10b), various merchants, <I>nine with water damage, washed out tints, very good to crisp uncirculated,</I> Indiana, Muncie Independent Retail Merchants Association, 1, 1-Dollar (2, both IN235-1b), along with original acquisition letter, <I>crisp uncirculated,</I> New Castle, Citizens State Bank, 1, 5-Dollars, no denomination (2) (IN245-1c, 5b, Vd(2)), <I>almost uncirculated to crisp uncirculated,</I> North Vernon Industries, 20, 50-Cents, 2, 3-Dollars (IN255-.20b, .50b, 2b, 3b), <I>very fine to almost uncirculated,</I> Richmond, Starr Piano Co., 1, 2, 3, 5-Dollars (IN270-1b, 2b, 3b, 5b), <I>first very good, others very fine,</I> First Bank and Trust Company of South Bend, 1-Dollar (IN285-1c), <I>extremely fine,</I> Iowa, City of Boone, 1-Dollar (IA150-1b), <I>very good,</I> Council Bluffs, Joe Smith & Co., 1, 1, (2, both IA295-1b), <I>crisp uncirculated</I>, John G. Woodward & Co., 1, 5-Dollars (IA300-1, 5), <I>unissued samples, crisp uncirculated,</I> Mason City Chamber of Commerce, 1-Dollar (3, all IA500-1b), along with original acquistition letter, <I>good to fine,</I> Newton, Chamber of Commerce, 25-Cents (IA540-.25b), along with original acquisition letter, <I>extremely fine,</I> Jepson's Drug Store, unlisted post card check for 10.80 in payment of "180 bushels of Iowa Corn", Mar. 15, 1933, endorsed by and paid to account of Hamilton Lead and Coal Co., <I>extremely fine,</I> County Polk, 1-Dollar (IA575-1c), <I>crisp uncirculated,</I> and City of Rock Rapids, 50, 50-Cents (2, both IA590-.50a), <I>very good</I> (66)(lot) | Christie's