Together 10 volumes, various sizes, various bindings, condition varies. (10) " /> [INQUISITION]. SERVITA, PAUL (SARPI, PAOLO). The History of the Inqvisition. Composed by the Reverend Father Paul Servita, who was also the Compiler of the Councell of Trent. Translated out of the Italian copy by Rober Gentilis. London: J. Okes, 1639. <I>8vo</I>. FIRST ENGLISH EDITION. The first Italian edition was published in 1638. Vekene 1871 -- BAKER, J. The History of the Inquisition, as it subsists in the Kingdoms of Spain, Portugal, &c. and in both the Indies, to this Day. London: Joseph Marshall, 1734. <I>8vo</I>. Includes the famous story of the English protestant Isaac Martin, imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition. Palau 21975 & 115411. Vekene 3153 -- [STOCKDALE, J.J.]. The History of the Inquisitions; including the Secret Transactions of those Horrific Tribunals. London: J.J. Stockdale, 1810. <I>4to</I>. With 12 copperplate engravings. Vekene 1123 -- PUIGBLANC, ANTONIO. La Inquisicion sin mascra o disertacion en que se prueban hasta la evidencia los vicios de este tribunal y la necesidad de que se suprima. Mexico: Imprenta de la Aguila, 1824. Palau 241484. Vekene 1138. A work on the evils of the Inquisition, and the need for its suppression -- ANONYMOUS. Records of the Spanish Inquisition, translated from the Original Manuscripts. Boston: Samuel G. Goodrich, 1828. Vekene 3203 -- [COUSTOS, JOHN]. The Sufferings of John Coustos, for Free-Masonry, and for his refusing to turn Roman Catholic, in the Inquisition at Lisbon [...] To which is annex'd, the Origin of the Inquisition, with its Establishment in various Countries. London: W. Strahan, 1746. <I>8vo</I>. With copperplate engravings, portrait, 3 folding plates by Truchy; small hole in one, sheep, rebacked. Vekene 1433 -- MENDONCA, HIPOLYTO JOSE DA COSTA PEREIRA FURTADO DE. A narrative of the persecution of Hippolyto Joseph da Costa Pereira Furtado de Mendonca, a native of Colonia-do-Sacramento, on the River La Plata; imprisoned and tried in Lisbon, by the Inquisition, for the pretended crime of Free-Masonry. To which are added The By-Laws of the Inquisition of Lisbon, both Ancient and Modern. London: W. Lewis, 1811. <I>8vo</I>. With an engraved portrait of the author, <I>half calf, worn</I>. FIRST EDITION. Vekene 1788 -- The Madrid Shaver's Adventures in the Spanish Inquisition. Falkirk: [N. d.] -- The Madrid Shaver's Singular Adventures and Wonderful Escape from the Spanish Inquisition. A true story. Glasgow: [N.d.]. -- One offprint: "A Historical Account of the Life and Tryal of Nicholas Anthoine, burnt of Judaism at Geneva, in the Year 1632". <I>Together 10 volumes, various sizes, various bindings, condition varies.</I> (10) | Christie's