approximately 11 in. high (closed), 14½ in. (opened), worn. Together 4 items. " /> [LINCOLNIANA]. [LINCOLN, MARY TODD]. A lock of hair, reportedly Mary Todd Lincoln's, <I>tied with ribbon, laid in a nineteenth-century daguerreotype case with velvet lining, hinge broken</I> -- [MARY TODD LINCOLN]. A carved ivory-handled fan, apparently England, circa 1795, reportedly one which belonged to Mary Todd Lincoln, <I>paper portions separated in several places at folds, ivory frame brittle, cracked and separated at one edge</I> -- [ABRAHAM LINCOLN]. Engraved bone placque with carved inscription (purportedly by Lincoln, referring to Anne Rutledge), dated 12 July 1834, <I>192 x 125 mm. (7½ x 4 7/8 in.), crude carving of a man and woman walking together</I>, with carved text: "A.Lincoln to Ann R. ... God is My Shepard An Where Yr Night Falls Upon Me God Will See Me Through Oh Men..." -- [A. LINCOLN]. Wooden and steel bottle corker, reportedly used by Lincoln, <I>approximately 11 in. high (closed), 14½ in. (opened), worn</I>. <I>Together 4 items</I>. | Christie's