all very fine and better (10)" /> Long Service Awards; Army Long Service and G.C., V.R. (951 Corpl. A. McKay, 2-9th Foot); Three Volunteer Force Long Service, V.R. (5377 Pte W. Leverage. 3rd V.B. Norfolk Regt); E.VII.R. (1672 Sjt: H.D.H. Corsbie. 1st Norfolk R.G.A.V.); E.VII.R. (2025 C. Sjt: W Rippon. 2/V.B. Norfolk Regt); Two Efficiency Medals, G.V.R., second crowned head type (5766964 Pte. R.G. Crowe.4/Norf.R), E.II.R. (22259270 Cpl.G.G. Grant.4 R.Norfolk.); Two Army Long Service and G.C., G.VI.R. (5770318 Sjt.D.W. Whiteman.Norfolk.; 5767321 W.O. CL.1. G.H. Wright.R.Norf.R.), together with 'Cadet Norfolk Artillery' bronze medal for "Services rendered in the Great War" edge inscribed '75.Corpl. H.Rix', and Edward VII bronze medal to commemorate the Inspection of the Royal Norfolk Veteran's Association, October 1909, <I>all very fine and better</I> (10) | Christie's