mixed condition, very good to uncirculated (14) (lot) " /> Montevideo, Banco Nacional, Law of June 23, 1862, A presentation set of these first National Issues from Uruguay, including 10-Centesimos, 25.8.1887, arms at left, cattle stampede at center (P.A876), 20-Centésimos, 25.8.1887, Mercury seated at left, arms at right (P.A88b), 50-Centésimos, 25.8.1887, arms at left, laureate woman's head at center (P.A89b), 1-Peso, 25.8.1887, arms at left, village at center (P.A906), 2-Pesos, 25.8.1887, arms at upper left, bank at upper center (P.A91a), 5-Pesos, 25.8.1887, arms at upper left, man at center (P.A92c), 10-Pesos, 25.8.1887, arms left, woman bearing torch right (P.A93c), 20-Pesos, 25.8.1887, man at left, arms at top center, building at lower right (P.A94c), 50-Pesos, 25.8.1887, man at left, church at center, arms at right (P.A95c), 100-Pesos, 25.8.1887, man at left, arms and cherubs at center, train at right (P.A96b), 200-Pesos, 25.8.1887, arms at left, portrait at center, building at right (P. A97b), 500-Pesos, 25.8.1887, portrait at left, arms and cherubs at center, map at right (P.A98b), most notes punch cancelled with "PAGADO 25.8.96", most notes unissued remainders, two introductory pages taken from a Specimen book are also included, <I>mixed condition, very good to uncirculated</I> (14) (lot) | Christie's