two damaged, the others very good to fine (7)(lot) " /> New Orleans, Aaron & Dreyfuss, 1-Dollar, food items top, wine bottle bottom, payable "at their confectionary store", together with Jean Berthin, 50-Cents, steamship top, June 3, 1862, Machine Works of J.N. Bradford & Co., 3-Dollars, March 25, 1862, red overprint, Louis Willmer, 50-Cents, January 18, 1862, red overprint, Powell & Taylor, 10, 25-Cents, Montgomery, AL scrip dated at New Orleans, January 15, 1862, train, stage top center, receivable for stage fare, and a ticket from the City Hotel, 12 1/2-Cents, "good for 1 bitt", floral design, <I>two damaged, the others very good to fine</I> (7)(lot) | Christie's