the last two missing corners, otherwise very good to fine (9)(lot) " /> New Orleans, Phillip Tobias, 50-Cents, 1-Dollar, jewelry store top center, April 1, 1862, green overprint, together with C.C. Morgan, 1-Dollar, two bulls, plow center, March 1, 1862 partially engraved date, blue and red on blue paper, Poeple's Line, 3-Dollars, steamship center, January 31, 1862, red overprint, Jos. Santini, 50-Cents, ship, harbor top center, "Redeemable at the Jexel of the South", together with scrip payable at New Orleans banks (3), M.J. Bujac, 2-Dollars, payable at New Orleans Canal & Banking Co., April 14, 1862, Jewel green overprint, Henderson & Gaines, 5-Dollars, payable at Citizens' Bank of LA, March 10, 1862, blue and green, and D.M. Hildreth & Co., St. Charles Hotel, 5-Dollars, payable at the Union Bank, March 10, 1862, green and blue, <I>the last two missing corners, otherwise very good to fine</I> (9)(lot) | Christie's