Swann which are as nothing compared to 'Napo', 4 pages, 8vo." /> PROUST, Marcel. Autograph letter signed to Lucien Daudet, <I>n.p. [Paris], n.d. [after 16 May 1915]</I>, opening, 'Ce n'était certainement pas Robert et je n'ai aucun parent qui s'appelle Proust'; mentioning that an officer once claimed to be a distant cousin but it was 'pure Roumestanerie', and reflecting on his use of this and other expressions associated with the works of Lucien's father; musing on the abbreviation of names, which he dislikes, 'Mais connaissez-vous q.q.chose d'aussi bête, d'aussi louchon de [<I>sic</I>] necessitait une intervention plus immédiate d'Huguenschmidt dans les dents du fond, que ce prénom abrégé "Napo"'; quoting the abbreviations of names in <I>Swann</I> which are as nothing compared to 'Napo', <I>4 pages, 8vo</I>. | Christie's