1 page, 4to personal stationery, "...I want to thank you for the pillow slips..." Together 2 items, (2)" /> REAGAN, RONALD, <I>President</I>. Autograph letter signed as Governor of California, to Mrs. Hale, Sacramento, circa 1972-1974, <I>1 page, 4to, Governor's stationery</I>, Governor Reagan's opinion on the Watergate Scandal: "...In my opinion the Pres. [Nixon] has been completely truthful; he was not aware of what had been planned and knew nothing of the attempt to cover it up...[W]e are seeing a politically inspired effort to discredit him and by so doing to make it impossible for him to carry out the program he promised the voters in the last election..." -- REAGAN. Autograph letter signed to "Dear Lou," Hollywood, 22 October [1952], <I>1 page, 4to personal stationery</I>, "...I want to thank you for the pillow slips..." <I>Together 2 items</I>, (2) | Christie's