IVB 765; Zimmer p. 505; Wood p. 531] " /> [REICHENBACH, Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig.<I> Die Vollständigste Naturgeschichte der Vögel des In- und Auslandes],</I> a collection taken from the working manuscript, circa 1845-63, of over 250 mounted original watercolours of Hummingbirds, Parrots, Hornbills, and Toucans, most finished with gum arabic, many with some accompanying manuscript text by Reichenbacher, and other birds, drawn from the ornithological families, "Nymphae, Sylphae, Todus Trionites, Pteroglossus, Ramphastos," and "Buceros," mounted in 4 lge. 4° green half morocco albums, and loose in a matching portfolio, with, additionally, approximately 30 mounted pencil drawings, and 50 mounted hand-coloured prints excised from other ornithological works by Edouard Travies, William Jardine, and others. [Cf. Nissen <I>IVB</I> 765; Zimmer p. 505; Wood p. 531] | Christie's