Together four items. (4) " /> [REVOLUTIONARY WAR, FRENCH OFFICERS]. BERNARD, Francois. Manuscript document signed, Lisbon, Portugal; 9 January 1775. <I>3 pp, 4to, in French</I>. A contract stating terms for the commission of Francois Bernard as a Colonel by the Continental Congress, signed three times by Bernard. -- CASTAING, Peter (aide-de-camp to General Duportail). Autograph document signed, Philadelphia, 16 April 1782. <I>1.5 pp, 4to</I>. Castaing takes responsibility for a $300 debt that General Lincoln had endorsed for him. -- NOAILLES, Louis Mariede (1756-1804, officer under Lafayette). Autograph letter signed to an unknown recipient, Paris, 26 February 1782. <I>1½pp, 4to</I>. Letter to a British officer captured at Yorktown concerning his desire for exchange. Noailles notes that the current situation between their nations will not allow an exchange of land officers and that he is being made an example as one of the first taken at Yorktown. -- GALVAN, [de Bannoux, Major] (French volunteer). Autograph letter signed to Mssrs. Bingham, Clarkson and Brockholst Livingston (1755-1823), 24 July 1782. <I>2 pp, folio</I>. A suicide note and last will addressed by a suffering lover to his wartime comrades. "The pistols are loaded--Adieu...I march off as gaily & almost as eagerly, as when our friend Genl. Wayne sent me to attack Ld. Cornwallis, and I hope I shall be more successful in outflanking Love, than the British Army." While Galvan's life ended by his own hand, Noailles would die in 1804 during the slave insurrection on the French colony of Santo Domingo. <I>Together four items.</I> (4) | Christie's