desirable railroad lot, good to very good (9)(lot) " /> Rome, Rome Railroad, 10, 25-Cents, train at top, September 12, 1862, <I>the first extensively repaired, fair, the last, very fine</I>, together with other railroad scrip (7) including Columbus, Mobile and Girard Railroad Company, 1, 3-Ddollars, train at top, July 1, 1862 engraved date, Macon, South-Western Rail Road, 15, 20-Cents, train left, "Fare Ticket" right, each good for fare between different engraved locations, Macon & Brunswick Rail Road, 3-Dollars, 1867, and Savannah, Central Railroad of Georgia, 5-Cents 1-Mile, train at top, June 1st, 1840, also a similar 5-Cents 1-Mile ticket from the Georgia Rail Road, cattle top, UBS&H imprint, <I>desirable railroad lot, good to very good</I> (9)(lot) | Christie's