Together 4 items." /> ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN DELANO, <I>President</I>. Typed letter signed as Gov. of N.Y., to David J. Stern, Albany, 9 September 1932, <I>1 page, 4to, Governor's stationery,</I> explaining that he has been occupied by the trial of former New York Mayor Jimmy Walker and responding to Stern's critique of a speech -- ROOSEVELT. Typed letter signed to H.T. Newcomb, Hyde Park, 7 May 1924, <I>1 page, 4to</I>, seeking support for Al Smith's bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination -- ROOSEVELT. Typed letter signed as Asst. Sec. of the Navy, to Frank H. Mott, Washington, D.C., 14 May 1913, <I>1 page, 4to, integral blank, Naval Secretary's stationery, file holes in margin</I>, on a post-office appointment -- ROOSEVELT. Typed note signed as N.Y. Governor, to Harry L. Hopkins, Albany, 11 June 1932, <I>1 page, 4to, Governor's stationery,</I> forwarding a plan and asking that he "have someone look into this and let me know what to reply..." <I>Together 4 items.</I> | Christie's