Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man, published in 1928." /> SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. Autograph manuscript of a fox-hunting diary kept from 20 September to 24 November 1916 during hunting in country around Peterborough and Ringmer. <I>5 pages, square 8vo, in ink on light tan and light gray letterheads with imprinted addresses.</I> The opening (and a typical) entry: "Arrived Wed. Sept. 20th. 1916. Th. Sept. 21. Met at Orton Waterville. 6.30. A fine morning after slight frost. Found in the Long Walk cover & hunted one over the road & railway, through the Osiers & along the railway bridge; then back by the river & lost him beyond...but picked one up in some seeds when going back to the Osiers...scent fair. Home 11.30. Rode Westmorland..." Sasson's experiences as a huntsman were utilized for his autobiorgaphical novel, <I>Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man</I>, published in 1928. | Christie's