9 pages, 4to, with autograph corrections. With 3pp. galley proofs for the article's publication in Shakespeare Quarterly. Together in a red cloth folding case. (7) " /> [SHAKESPEARE, William (1564-1616)]. 25 leaves from the second folio, London, 1632. Including portions of <I>Much Ado about Nothing</I>, <I>Macbeth</I>, <I>Romeo and Juliet</I>, and <I>Hamlet</I>. 2<V>o. Loose in a brown morocco slipcase. Purchased at the Red Cross sale, Plaza Hotel, 1940-41. -- NEVILLE, Alexander. <I>De furoribus Norfolciensium Ketto Duce</I>. London: Henricus Binneman, 1575. 4<V>o. (Lacking text leaves R2.3.) 18th-century speckled calf. FIRST EDITION of Neville's history of Kett's Rebellion and history of Norfolk, which was a source for Holinshed's <I>Chronicle</I>. Issues of the first edition include various cancellans of R2.3, both of which are lacking here. STC 18478. -- SMITH, William Henry. <I>Bacon and Shakespeare. An Inquiry touching Players, Playhouses and Play-Writers in the Days of Elizabeth</I>. London: John Russell Smith, 1857. 8<V>o. 19th-century black half morocco. <I>Provenance</I>: James W. Ellsworth; gift inscription from John Fleming to Mary Hyde in celebration of her Ph.D., 1947. -- Photostatic copy of the prompt copy of the 1676 edition of <I>Hamlet</I> in the library of the Tudor & Stuart Club at Johns Hopkins University. 4<V>o. Black buckram. -- BARKER, H. Granville. Autograph manuscript about the character of Hamlet, n.p., ca. 1936. <I>4 pages, 4to, red cloth folding case</I>. This text differs from that printed in Prefaces to Shakespeare, 3rd series, <I>Hamlet</I>, 1937. -- SHAKESPEARE, William. <I>The Sonnets</I>. Oxford: The Shakespeare Head Press, 1957. 8<V>o. Modern red calf. -- HARBAGE, Alfred. Typescript signed entitled "O Blessed Letters!", a talk delivered at the Shakespeare 400th Anniversary Banquet, Morgan Library, 1 April 1964. <I>9 pages, 4to, with autograph corrections</I>. With 3pp. galley proofs for the article's publication in <I>Shakespeare Quarterly</I>. Together in a red cloth folding case. (7) | Christie's