Fine Bird Books). Ayer/Zimmer 581; Fine Bird Books 107; Nissen, IVB 865; Nissen, SVB 457. Provenance: F. Monteith Ogilivie bookplate. (2)" /> SHARPE, Richard Bowdler. <I>Monograph of the Paradiseidae, or Birds of Paradise...</I>London, 1891-1898. 2 vols. 2<V>o. (550 x 375 mm.) 79 fine hand-colored lithographs after and by Gould, Hart and Keulemans, with numerous illustrations in text (each plate ink-stamped either just below the artist or the imprint in the bottom margin, perforated stamps on contents page of each vol.), colours very fresh and bright. Contemporary Riviere binding of natural morocco with gilt-tooled red morocco onlay borders on sides, spine gilt-tooled with whorls, red morocco lettering pieces, edges gilt. FIRST EDITION, of "The last of the fine bird books" (<I>Fine Bird Books</I>). Ayer/Zimmer 581; <I>Fine Bird Books</I> 107; Nissen, IVB 865; Nissen, SVB 457. <I>Provenance:</I> F. Monteith Ogilivie bookplate. (2) | Christie's