Maigret Right and Wrong (London, 1954), Maigret's Little Joke (London, 1957), Maigret Goes to School (London, 1957), Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses (London, 1959) and Maigret Takes a Room (London, 1960). GENERALLY FINE COPIES. (41)" /> SIMENON, Georges (1903-89). A collection of 41 "Maigret" books, almost all FIRST ENGLISH EDITIONS IN DUST-JACKETS, including <I>Maigret Right and Wrong</I> (London, 1954), <I>Maigret's Little Joke</I> (London, 1957), <I>Maigret Goes to School</I> (London, 1957), <I>Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses</I> (London, 1959) and <I>Maigret Takes a Room</I> (London, 1960). GENERALLY FINE COPIES. (41) | Christie's