Together approx. 50 items. (50)" /> [SPACE SUITS]. Apollo Portable Life Support and Oxygen Purge Systems. Hamilton Standard, nd. Folding diagrams, illustrations, and text on the Apollo oxygen "backpack" -- NASA and contractor files on space suit technology and development with several hundred pages of typed memos, hand written notes, some with associated test photos, all from the 1960s -- Notes on the Apollo Block I space suit design review and engineering work order logs and memos covering the reasons for Hamilton Standard to have a sole source contract for the Apollo Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) and EMU technical review meeting notes -- A 1975 NASA request for proposal for the Space Shuttle EMU -- 40 NASA black and white photos on Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space suits. <I>Together approx. 50 items</I>. (50) | Christie's