Together 2 pages, 4to, lined paper, neatly inlaid. (4) " /> STEVENSON, Robert Louis (1850-1894). Autograph manuscript drafts of the title-page, prefatory verses (not published) and list of chapter headings for his novel <I>Kidnapped</I> (serialized May 1886), all with revisions (words lined through and replaced with another written above). N.p., n.d. [Bournemouth, England, March 1885-February 1886]. <I>2 pages, 4to, both written in the light pencil often used by Stevenson, neatly inlaid to larger sheets</I>. [With:] STEVENSON. Two pencil sketches, one of a highland landscape of austere receding hills, delicately shaded, indistinct caption, the other a contour drawing of a mountain crag or mountainous island, captioned "Those glazed and whirling circles that we call wells" N.p., n.d. <I>Together 2 pages, 4to, lined paper, neatly inlaid.</I> (4) | Christie's