DSB)." /> SZILARD, Leo (1898-1964) and W.H. ZINN. <I>Emissions of Neutrons by Uranium</I>. Offprint from: <I>Physical Review</I>, Vol. 56, 1939. 4<V>o. Unbound as issued. <I>Provenance</I>: Theodore von Kármán, 1881-1963 (his library markings). FIRST EDITION, offprint issue. PRESENTATION COPY, inscribed on the front page: "With compliments of Leo Szilard". After the discovery of nuclear fission, Szilard "immediately undertook experiments at Columbia University to demonstrate the release of neutrons in the fission process and to measure their number. (DSB). Szilard's paper of 1939 reflects his continuing work on this problem before wartime secrecy suppressed his publications on the subject. In 1942 Szilard and Fermi produced the first controlled nuclear chain reaction, and shortly afterwards he arranged for Einstein to write the letter to President Roosevelt that brought about the establishment of the Manhattan Project. (<I>DSB</I>). | Christie's