Together 20 items. (20)" /> [TAFT, WILLIAM H. and WOODROW WILSON, <I>Presidents</I>.] An archive of 20 typed letters signed, including one by Taft and two by Wilson, all addressed to A. R. Watson, President of the New York Southern Society, v.p., v.d. [1910-1920]. <I>Together 21 pages, 4to and 8vo, White House and personal stationery</I>. President-elect Wilson thanks Watson for election congratulations, and later, as President, declines an invitation to attend a Southern Society of New York function: "I have bound myself not to attend any public functions during the first year of my administration..."; also incudes letters Franklin D. Roosevelt (TLS, secretarial signature), Sec. of the Treasury M.G. McAdoo, N.Y. Governor Alfred E. Smith, New York City Mayors Mitchel and Gaynor and other prominent New York politicians and businessmen. <I>Together 20 items</I>. (20) | Christie's