(Patent office label missing)--3½in. high, 9½in. high, 6½in. high (3)" /> THREE MODELS RELATING TO STOVES, the first, a hot water tanks on cooking stoves, <I>Patent No. 78688, Patentee Daniel E. Paris and Charles S. Davis, Troy, New York, Patented June 9, 1868</I>, constructed of tin; the second, an improved heating stove, <I>Patent No. 172276, Patentee George Newcomer, Battle Creek, Michigan, Application filed July 10, 1875, Patented January 18, 1876</I>, constructed of black-painted tin; the third, a sugar evaporating pan, <I>Patent No. 239,577, Patentee William Elias Turner, Dalton, North Carolina, Application filed May 19, 1879, Patented March 29, 1881</I> constructed of walnut, stamped <I>"W E TURNER DALTON, N.C."</I> (Patent office label missing)--<I>3½in. high, 9½in. high, 6½in. high</I> (3) | Christie's