both good extremely fine (5)" /> Victoria, James Couper and Mary Nicol, Diamond Wedding Anniversary, 1876, oval silver medal, 46 mm.x 57 mm., by D.Cunninghame, <I>polished, knock on edge, good very fine</I>, 21st Anniversary of the Volunteer Movement, 1881, bronze, 63 mm., by Neil Macphail (BHM.3104), <I>about mint state</I>, South African Exhibition, Cape of Good Hope, 1885, bronze, 48 mm., by (?), <I>extremely fine</I>, H.M.S. "Foudroyant" wrecked, 1897 (2), bronze, 38 mm., by (?), (BHM.3613), <I>both good extremely fine</I> (5) | Christie's