Toto Gakutei and is sealed Sadaoka -- fine impression, color and condition" /> YASHIMA GAKUTEI: <I>kakuban (20.6 x 18.4 cm.); <I>Okyo</I>, depicting a courtesan holding the post of a <I>kimono</I> rack, her robes decorated with clouds that match the clouds surrounding two flying geese which decorate the base of the stand. The geese represent the two ducks which Okyo (Chin: Wang Ch'iao) used to visit the emperor. The figure is placed against a patterned ground with white cranes on blue. One poem by Mitsu no Hamanari accompanies the design. From the series <I>Keisei mitate resenden nanaban no uchi</I> "the biographies of wise men parodied by courtesans - a set of seven", signed <I>Toto Gakutei</I> and is sealed <I>Sadaoka</I> -- fine impression, color and condition | Christie's